Monday, July 6, 2009

What a weekend!!!

Crazy weekend. Not from the standpoint of the 4th of July or what was done over the weekend; rather the news headlines. I left Friday morning for the hinterlands of northern Minnesota where I would not have immediate access to news sources, email, or television. The radio kept us informed on the big topics and we did step in the house to see the final 10 laps of NASCAR on Saturday night.

To start the long 4th of July weekend, America saw increased attacks on insurgents in Afghanistan and woke Monday morning to the death of Robert McNamara. In between that time the political landscape saw major changes. Gov. Palin announced that she was going to step down at the end of July as Governor of Alaska. Rumors and speculation have swirled since her announced. The rumors got another boast on Monday morning when Joe Scarsborough suggested that perhaps Gov. Palin will have a television show.

Mr. Scarsborough mentioned on MSNBC that the timing was interesting that Gov. Palin is stepping down while FoxNews has not renewed Gretta Van Susteren contract. There is no arguing that Gov. Palin is a ratings boaster. The highest rated shows last year on Saturday Night Live took place when Gov. Palin made appearances. Politically, I do not understand her announcement to step down. Granted Gov. Pawlenty announced that he would not seek re-election as Minnesota Governor but he will at least ride the wave out. The move by Palin appears to be political suicide. If it is not it could usher in a new method of branding in politics.

The weekend also brought another earth moving headline when it was reported that Steve McNair was found dead from several gunshot wounds with a 20-yard woman who also was apparently shot by the same gun. Authorities believe the gun found at the scene was the murder weapon. Just this morning it was reported that McNair and the young woman had been "dating" for the past few months.

This week will finally, possibly, see the last conversation of Michael Jackson as a ceremony is planned at the Staples Center. The kicker of the ceremony is it expected to cost the city of Los Angeles $2M. Last I recall, the state of California had a budget shortfall in excess of $25M. Why is the Jackson family not footing the bill? Be interesting to see the fallout from that.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend.