Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts send a Republican to Senate for the first time in decades

The Democrats were sent a signal last night as voters in Massachusetts went to the polls to vote in a special election. For the first time in decades Massachusetts will send a Republican to the Senate as Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley 52% to 47%. The difference with Scott Brown is that he touts himself not as a party hardliner rather he is an independent thinking that is looking for accountability and change in Washington D.C. The ramifications go further than the health care reform for Democrats. Over the past few election cycle, the special election in Massachusetts and governor races last November, the luster is off President Obama. President Obama who stumped for the New Jersey Governor Democrat, Virginia Governor Democrat, and now the Massachusetts Senate Democrat race, all three races went to the Republicans. Ironically, President Obama did not stump for the Democrat in the upstate New York House race last November which the Democrat won.

Has the shine come off the apple in regards to President Obama's aura? Is this a single to Democrats heading into the midterm elections? Is the vote in Massachusetts applicable to the rest of America? It will be interesting to see how this special election result will alter the backroom health care dealing going on right now. I wonder if President Obama and Democrat Leaders on the Hill will finally allow C-SPAN camera's in on the conversation. Republicans should learn something as well. The Tea Party movement is real and if you have political asperitations it best include smaller government, less taxes, defeating Al Qaeda, and being honest with Americans. The results in Massachusetts by no means open the door for a Republican landslide; rather it does open the door for true Conservatives to move into office.