Sunday, January 17, 2010

Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys dance today for the right to play the New Orleans Saints

Special Sunday edition of the Hamburg Post!!!!


In just a few hours the fate of Minnesotans will start as the Minnesota Vikings take on the Dallas Cowboys. It will be a good game to watch from a fan standpoint of the NFL but may be a bit nerve wrecking for Viking fans. The Cowboys are riding high on a four-game winning streak which contains wins over New Orleans, Washington, and Philadelphia twice while the Vikings come in losers of 3 of their last 5. Many are saying that the Vikings have righted the ship with the scoring down in the second half of the Bears game and the dismantling of a Giants team that quit playing in week 14 of the season. The big advantage the Vikings have is they are playing at home and they defended their turf this season very well with an 8-0 record. The Cowboys finally won a playoff game last week in convincing fashion over the Eagles. It was the first win by the Cowboys in the playoffs in 12 years.

The big question for Cowboy fans is if that win over the Eagles was fluke or something of better things to come. Personally I think the win took place because Romo didn't have any blonde waiting in the stands for him. I wonder if the Viking front office asked for blonde celebrities to show up today. Probably the most striking thing about the Viking season this year is the lack of production from Adrian Peterson. Yes, AP did average 4.4 yards and amassed 1,383 yards on the ground but both of those numbers are down significantly from last year. AP has even seen less carries this year as well. To compound that, AP, outside of the Giants game, has not averaged more than 4.0 yards per rush since the Lions game back in week 10. Why is that? The key to victory is AP. I understand that Favre was brought in here to lead the Vikings to the promise land but the guy is 40 years old and in the twilight of his career.

Now, Favre may bring some hope but he has never beaten the Cowboys in the playoffs. Favre is 0-3 against the Cowboys. The Cowboys lead the playoff series 4-2. Only time will tell if Favre can erase the donut hole or if Romo will implode as he has done in previous playoff games. The game is slotted for a noon start here in Minnesota. Should be a fun day of football with the Jets taking on the Chargers later today. Another caveat as we approach game time, history has shown that at least one home team during divisional playoff weekend has lost their game. I do not see the Chargers losing to the Jets. Guess we will see if tradition holds or if it gets bucked. Let's play some football!!!!