Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Ardent Viper receives hate mail!!!!

A few weeks back the Star Tribune printed one of my letters to editor. The title of my entry was "Marriage is not a Right" which ran in the paper on May 14th. In the event you missed it here is what it said (

It is time for Minnesotans to recognize that government involvement in the institution of marriage is the problem. Everyone has the right to choose a partner in life. It shouldn't be up to government to determine the makeup of that choice. We need to repeal all aspects of marriage from government and leave it to the religious institutions. It is time to replace the marriage license with a partnership recognition certificate that will give all legal aspects that the current marriage license does.

Why you may be asking yourself am I bringing this up now? It is not to toot my own horn about being published in the Star Tribune rather in response to a piece of mail I received earlier this week. A normal white envelope appeared in my mail box on Wednesday May 26th with my name and address and a return address of American News Center 55401. At first glance I paid it no attention as I figured more junk mail. Thursday I decided to open it. Inside the envelope were two news articles. The first article was "Bonin guilty of four more road slayings" an AP story from Santa Ana, California. The second was "Sordid, gay-on-gay murder ignored in marriage debate" from WorldNetDaily dated January 1, 2010.

As I said, I really gave no thought. Then yesterday I asked my wife if she had seen what someone sent me in the mail. To which she had and didn't make sense. On closer inspection of the envelope she discovered a cartoon with the title of "The lower end of the Behavioral Spectrum". The cartoon depicted a normal man then a queer ape then a queer supporter ape with human head. My wife immediately thought hate mail to which I brushed off. So she did an internet search on the mysterious return address. Come to find out that it is hate mail in response to the letter to the editor posted above.

Here are some additional bloggers that received similar hate mail from American News Center 55401.

I am all for free speech and association. I recognize that with all the freedoms we take for granted we also must accept the fringe elements of every cloth among us. What raises my ire a bit, not much, is the anonymous factor and ignorant message the envelope sent. Personally I do not care who others choose as their life partners. My religious upbringing raises questions about why one may choose a same-sex partner and aspects of the teachings discuss its sin. Regardless of that, we live in a land where freedom reigns, at least for now, and with any free society there will be elements that we disagree with. I have on several occasions discussed the Same-Sex Marriage debate and offered an alternative solution that, I feel, will put the conversation to rest. What is so wrong with removing the "Marriage" license from our Governmental and Legal documents and replacing it with a certificate of partnership?

I understand we have over 200 years of institutional marriage red tape to unwind but the solution seems so obvious as to appease the Religious factions in America while ensuring the basic freedoms that our Founding Fathers intended to exist. No longer will there be an IRS box for marriage, no longer will the doctor's have to discern relations, no longer will we need to debate the sanctity of marriage as it will be preserved in religious ceremonies, and no longer will the Justice of the Peace be used to oversee marriage or any other type of union between two people. Everyone wins, right?