Saturday, May 8, 2010


I thought when I awoke this morning that there would be white cover to my long green grass. Again our the weathermen are wrong. Although not completely wrong as it was pretty chilly this morning coaching soccer. I know that typically we rant on and on about political aspects but I figure today I'd freehand some thoughts and take a break from the usual. It didn't help that the post I was going to put on the blog today is getting a ton of airtime on talk radio. I'd hate to be accused of spouting rightwing talking points.

More than likely I will bring the topic to bear on the blog; perhaps as early as Monday. Until I change my mind I will continue to ramble on about the weather and other non-political topics. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. While the flesh and blood feminine form of our species carried us for, on average, nine months before introducing us to the world, let's take pause and give up our appreciation to Mother Sophia that guides our inner light.

It is through our inner light that one is able to find peace and lasting life. It is through this inner light that we find our way out of the darkness and become one with the almighty. Take pause tomorrow to give thanks and appreciation to the one Mother that nuture's your inner being. Give pause to appreciate the influence, guidance and love Mother Sophia brings into our lives.

Transcend that appreciation and love to your earthly mother. Show Mother Sophia that you understand and appreciate her assistance in bringing the light out of the darkness by illuminating the path to knowledge and everlasting life by embracing the earthly mother. For it is this earthly mother that created, along with the seed from the father, the darkness that shrouds the inner light.