Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sestak alleged job offer: Why is the White House no quelling the allegation?

Finally last night I was able to take a breather to watch some of the pundit shows. As I watched the various pundits' shows it dawned on me that we have not seen President Obama on television, in front of a teleprompter, holding a press conference or taking questions from any of the media lately. Why might this be? We all know that oil is spewing into the Gulf, Super Tuesday Primary voters sent a message that those in office beware, and rumors are swirling around a job offer to Rep. Joe Sestak to drop out of the primary race in Pennsylvania. Where is President Obama?

Rep. Joe Sestak contends that he was offered a high-ranking position within the Obama Administration if he were to drop out of the 2010 Democratic Senate primary. The New York Times reported that Republican Senators sent Attorney General Eric Holder a letter asserting that the issue is "very serious and, if true, suggest a possible violation of various federal criminal laws intended to safeguard our political process from the taint of bribes and political machine manipulation." Ironically, last year Rob Blagojevich was run out of town because of his alleged selling of President Obama's Senate seat. Is President Obama avoiding the media so he does not have to go on record about the Sestak deal? Where is the special investigation into the alleged deal making? What is Obama hiding? If a deal was not offered, why would Sestak assert one was made? Where are Woodward and Bernstein?

Sen. Obama ran on the platform of bring transparency to Washington, so why is he so quiet now?