Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Political Reform that makes sense

Today is a mini-Super Tuesday as many key primaries and vacancy votes will take place. The other day Kevin, poster on the blog, pointed out "Division is the single greatest problem this nation has but I don't see it changing anytime soon. Especially with movements like the "tea party" in play. They bring only negativity and disdain for the system to a process already flawed." I agree with Kevin that our political system is flawed and has created an oligarchy. I do disagree with movements like "tea" or "coffee" parties only bring negativity and disdain. It is true that the media is hyping the negative and polarizing sides of the message and the leaders, which there are no claim of one, have not been on message to combat the media.

We need more political participation by normal citizens in the United States. We need to allow all "parties" an equal shot at the ballot box. Many third party attempts have been made and failed miserably over the years largely in part to the lack of monetary support. That is where our system is flawed and broken. If people want to form parties and do fundraising more power to them but when it comes to the general election we need to do two things. First, we need to eliminate all private money from being used to campaign for or against a candidate. Secondly, we need to shrink the campaign season down to two months.

Obviously each State can establish their particular rules for the game but when it comes to our national election we need one standard. As I said, allow the Parties to run their primaries how they see fit but when each Party has determined their Presidential candidate then the following process takes over. All Parties will be required to have their Presidential candidate to be named and submitted to the election committee by September 5th. Once the election committee has all the Presidential candidate names they will be posted online and be given a brief paragraph to introduce their candidate. Between September 5th and election day in November four debates will take place with all candidates. The debates will be aired on public television so all will have access to viewing. All campaigns will be given $500,000 to run ads and cover expenses.

I understand that getting this type of reform through Congress is virtually impossible because it would upset the apple cart in a big way. There were obscene amounts of money being raised and evidence of that was during the last Presidential race with both major Parties raising record amounts. Imagine how much charity deeds could be done if the millions of dollars raised for campaigns went elsewhere.