Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day: Thank 10 Veterans you do not know!!!

Today is a rare moment of the year that we all pause to give thanks to those that protect the very freedoms we take for granted. Too many Americans do not realize the real sacrifice our military and National Guard personal make to safeguard our freedom. While they are stuck in some arid land rooting out people that pledge their lives to eradicate ours, we sit around asking our Government to keep our unemployment checks coming. I never served in a military capacity. I do not know nor do I pretend to envision what goes through the mind of a soldier in combat.

I recall the disrespect brave men and women were given as they came back from Vietnam. Those that fought in Vietnam didn't do so for those politicians in Washington; rather those that saw combat, from what I have been told, fought for the brethren in their company. They toe the line and often give up the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. The freedoms that many of us take for granted. The rights that many of Americans feel we are entitled to. The ugly truth in it all is that we are not entitled to anything. We must maintain our freedom, we must defend our freedom and sometimes we must spill blood to ensure our freedom.

Take a moment today to seek out a veteran. Make a point to thank a veteran today face to face. It is easy to post a blog about the importance of the day but it is not as easy to actually thank a veteran that you do not know. My goal is to thank 10 veterans I do not know. I challenge everyone else to do the same. Thank you to all those military families that have loved ones that currently and have served and an extra appreciation and condolence to those military families that paid the ultimate price while their love ones defended our freedoms.