Thursday, November 5, 2009

Election Results may give pause to health care reform.

On Tuesday many Americans went to the polls to vote on local elections. Even though the elections were for local representation, two elections were getting plenty of national attention. The races for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia were both looked upon as a barometer for 2010 Congressional races. In both cases the sitting Democrat lost to their Republican challenger. While the spin was in high gear yesterday, the true impact will be seen on Capitol Hill as health care reform and cap and trade bills move forward. Even though the Democrats hold majority in both houses of Congress, those Democrats, many known as "Blue Dogs", in swing states are now taking pause to assess the ripple effect the elections have in their districts.

Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) warned that "The House leadership needs to pay attention to what happened in Virginia." Rep. Taylor's words are echoed in the Senate by Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.). Sen. Conrad responded to the election results by saying, "The American people get it. They know we're on an unsustainable fiscal course." The realization by "Blue Dog" Democrats is reassuring as House Speaker Pelosi is pushing for a vote on the House's health care reform bill which is nearly 3000 pages long. Why, Speaker Pelosi is the bill so long? Health Care reform is not as complex as your bill makes it sound.

Ask yourself why not one single member of Congress in favor of the reform being looked at is not willing to participate in it by giving up their current health insurance coverage and switch to the "reformed" insurance coverage? Health care reform can be obtained without a 3000 page bill that will cost $1.2T over ten years according to the CBO. I have blogged about how to accomplish this without spending a dime but will say it again.

  1. Create true competition through the interstate buying and selling of health care insurance.
  2. Remove the anti-trust exemption.
  3. Phase out Medicare and Medicaid.
  4. Establish Medical Saving Accounts.
  5. Tort reform
  6. Require all medical record's to be computerized
  7. Make health insurance portable

I know it is not a 12 step plan but it will work and achieve the goals the Obama administration has for health care reform. Doing these seven things to start with will lower premium costs, save taxpayer money, and make insurance available to all. We need fiscal responsible and logical decision making when dealing with an issue that is 1/6th of our economy. Any other way will only hurt the growth in GDP obtained last quarter. If the election results gives pause to the "Blue Dog" Democrats to delay any rash voting on health care reform then American's will win. If Pelosi and Reed are able to shove through legislation that does nothing but grow government, Americans will continue to see unemployment levels north of 10%. Imagine what the unemployment rate would be if companies had not outsourced many back office duties to India, Ireland, and other locales around the world. Take a moment today to call and write your Congress member to voice your opinion and urge them to vote for sustained growth that does not bankrupt America.