Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day – November 11th – Take Pause

Today is November 11, 2009; Veterans Day. Being that, I pause from regular programming to acknowledge the sacrifices made by those in our military to ensure the tree of freedom will continue to shade Americans. Our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives to establish a "more perfect Union" to gives us the luxury to wake up each morning without imminent fear of war, tyranny or restriction of freedom. Our great country is just over 200 years old; yet we live in a country with the greatest amount of freedom and liberties. Those freedoms and liberties, that many take for granted, cannot be sustained without the service and sacrifice by the men and women who enlist in our military.

Take time today, Veterans Day, to thank a current and former member of the Armed Forces. So them your appreciation and acknowledge their sacrifice so we, as a society, have the freedom to drive a gas guzzling vehicle, abort an unborn child, worship a God that threatens America, and allows one to associate themselves with any ideology without fear of retribution. For too long Americans, legal and illegal, look upon the Stars and Stripes as a beckon of "right" when in reality it is a banner of freedom. We may be born here or come here from distant land but it doesn't afford us a "right" to take our liberties and freedoms for granted.

Thank you to all those that have put on the Military uniform to protect my freedom and liberty to sit here on my couch and write this blog. No amount of words and appreciation can fully illustrate the importance of the duty you give to ensure the security of the United States. I just hope that a simple handshake and a sincere "Thank You" will be a good start. THANK YOU !!!!!!!