Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Lack of Accountability is more than a Republican Cancer

This morning I open up my email to find a message from Mitch Stewart, Director at Organizing for America, with the memo line of "Accountability". Stewart writes:

"Thirty-three Republicans in Congress represent districts that voted to send President Obama to Washington to reform our health insurance system.

And 32 of them -- all but one -- voted against health insurance reform. They voted with the insurance industry, and against their constituents. They voted against ending discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, against reining in skyrocketing premiums, and against expanding health coverage to more Americans."

First off, just because a district voted for Obama in the Presidential election does not translate into agreeing with health care reform that Obama envisions. The funny thing is, as President Obama admits, that Congress is in agreement on about 80% of what is required to bring true reform to the health care industry which includes ending pre-existing conditions discrimination, lowering premiums, and expanding coverage. Where the partisan debate takes off is how to lower premiums and expand coverage (among a few other items) and not whether or not reform is required. The August break proved that many constituents in Democrat strongholds do not want ObamaCare either.

Mr. Stewart continues, "So we've started an aggressive radio ad campaign to make sure these 32 understand that if they vote against the wishes and interests of their constituents again, they will be held accountable." Okay let's look at accountability. Sen. Obama campaigned on hope and change platform. The platform always stated that no lobbyists will be in his administration and yet it has taken place. Sen. Obama said he bring change to Washington D.C. to bridge the partisan divide that exists. I have yet to see any of that in the health care reform debate. I had the luxury this summer to watch the committee meetings and the debate on the floor of both Houses of Congress and did not see any meaningful actions by President Obama to bridge the divide; rather I witnessed a wedge jammed in.

The conclusion of the letter sent out by Mr. Stewart states, "This is what real accountability looks like. It's the first step toward ensuring that Congress represents the voters who sent them to Washington – and it could well be critical to winning the final health reform vote." Okay Mr. Stewart, first you start off saying these 32 Republicans are not voting their constituents interests because they voted for Obama in the last Presidential election and they you close with "first step toward ensuring that Congress represents the voters who sent them to Washington". So which is it? Do the Republicans vote on health care reform based on their elections results or Obama's election results?

Now, I agree that our elected officials need to be held accountable for the actions and non-actions while in Congress. That being said, can someone explain to me Mr. Stewart's logic here? I thought Obama was to bring hope and change that would be a bridge in the partisan politics that exists in Washington D.C. While we mull this over, I was alerted to a fleecing of America story that is taking place. The Canada Free Press reported that our First Lady is spending $1,591,200 on staff.

The First Lady serves no governmental role so why does Michelle Obama require 22 staff members? Michelle Obama was quoted in the article as saying, "In my own life, in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much. See, that's why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service." WHAT!!! This is the same person that was quoted during the campaign has not being proud of her country. Some of you may be asking what does this have to do with Mr. Stewart's email; simply put it is accountability. Why is the media, in the United States, not putting the White House to task on the fleecing of the American taxpayer by the First Lady? To see a list of First Lady's staff and salaries go to The list does not include the makeup artist and hairstylist that travel with Michelle Obama.

I agree with Mr. Stewart on accountability and that taxpayers need to keep their politicians honest to the reasons why they were elected. Perhaps I am off my rocker and I am sure there will be some that view this as an ideological attack on the Obama's but it is really none of that. It is all about accountability. Then again more and more Americans routinely look to the government to solve issues of accountability. Can we really rely on those elected officials when they themselves are not being good steward of taxpayer money and interests?