Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah Palin: What is the liberal media worried about?

I just do not get it. My hope is that while I write that logic or reason will seep in that enables me to understand the liberal media's quest to soil Sarah Palin. No one had heard of the former Alaskan Governor prior to Sen. McCain's decision to add her to the Republican Presidential ticket. Since that time she was quit as Governor and written a new book called "Going Rogue". Today she is at Fort Bragg signing books. At first there was not going to be media allowed then outcry came from the liberal press to which a change was made to allow media attendance at the book signing. It is a book signing, yet the liberal media is doing what it can to discredit and discount Governor Palin. Why?

The latest issue of Newsweek had Sarah Palin on the cover. The photo on the cover had Sarah Palin in a jogging suit that was originally shot for a different magazine. Newsweek posed the question "How Do you solve a problem like Sarah?" on the cover with the tag line of "she's bad news for the GOP – and for everybody else, too." I still don't get it. What is it about Sarah Palin that scares the liberal press? Perhaps the Augusta Chronicle editorial staff member has it right as to the hysteria of media probing of Palin by stating, "We understand the media's fear. Sarah Palin embodies a conservative values system that horrifies liberals. But what's really frightening is how the media take those values and reflect them in a funhouse mirror back to the public, trying to pass that off as the truth"(

Over the weekend the Senate finally moved forward on health care reform by voting to allow the bill to the floor. So, why is that not the hot topic of the day? Why is the liberal media not digging into the bill to vet it, to bring to light the amount of new taxes, to investigate the purpose of the Health Benefits Advisory Board, or why the bill, if passed, does not establish a public option until 4 or 5 years later? Instead the media is spending a lot of air time to the Sarah Palin book tour. In reading the news articles about Sarah Palin, I may have found my answer in a blogger on The Huffington Post. Eric Boehlert posted "Palin's book and Obama's bow: A media week to forget" ( Mr. Boehlert lashes out at the mass media as reporting on "pointless, vacuous 'news' stories" because it is "easy, lazy, and safe thing" to report on.

President Obama has not even been in office a year, yet the media is doing what they can to discuss the faults of Sarah Palin. Can the media please get back to solid, investigative reporting of the news of the day? All this addiction by the liberal press to cover the Palin book tour does is distracting the public from the real news of the day. Well I guess I did get my answer to my original point. Journalism is dead in the United States and people are not really interested in items that will affect our lives like health care reform, increase taxes, mounting debt, printing of money by the Fed, and the elephant in the room; inflation.