Friday, March 26, 2010

1 Year Anniversary!!!!!!!!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of The Hamburg Post. Since starting the blog over 15,000 people have visited the blog with hundreds more following on Facebook. The January 2010 blog entry Supreme Court decision: Who Benefits? has been the most viewed entry with just north of 200 views. 36.17% of all views have come from direct traffic to The Hamburg Post. The Hamburg Post kicked off 2010 with a guest blogger and has asked others to contribute as well. 56.92% of viewers come from the United States. The rest of the top ten countries viewing the blog include Canada, Brazil, China, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea, India, Ireland, and Russia.

I thank everyone who has become a follower, comment maker, and viewer of the blog. As we enter into year 2, I am looking for insightful topic suggestions, to increase the number of followers, to transform Anonymous posters into named posters, and give others a platform to start the debate through guest blog entries. Please send or post your suggestions. Thanks again for the lively debate and keeping it respectful, open and honest.