Sunday, March 21, 2010

House to vote on Senate bill today

As many of you have noticed that nothing new was posted this past week. I was done in Tempe, AZ getting additional training and knowledge for my new career. The week was long, exhausting, rewarding and very productive. While I did my best to monitor the news of the day, I did not get a free moment to put thoughts to paper. The health care debate has been moving forward with several House of Representatives flip flopping on their positions. House Speaker Pelosi has set a date today to have the House vote on the Senate Health Care reform bill. I saw a blurb in the Washington Post on Thursday that President Obama was warning Democrats that are on the fence that if you do not get onboard, the President will not campaign for you. At first I saw this heavy-handedness by the Obama; yes it is nothing new, as an attempt by Democrats to make more back office deals. Then I thought about it a bit more on the plane ride back and developed a new perspective. Obama is 0-3; some may say 0-4, when stumping for politicians in tight races. So, why would any Democrat that faces a tough re-election bid want a man that cannot bring it home?

But I digress. The House is set to gavel in at noon CST, just 20 minutes away, to hold a brief debate then vote on the Senate Bill and a reconciliation bill. President Obama will get his up and down vote but it won't come via the "Slaughter Solution" which will make it tougher for those Democrats on the fence. The Slaughter Solution gave Democrats a smoke shield for their re-election bids but without now it will be entertaining today. With all the sporting events going on today – NASCAR, March Madness, and Golf – I wonder how many Americans will be focused on C-SPAN?

It is great to be back. I look forward to more discussions on the topic of health care as this vote today will send tidal waves no matter the outcome.