Saturday, March 13, 2010

Letter from Rep. Kline –March 12, 2010


Just wanted to share an email I received from Rep. Kline about a concern I have with the growing size of government. I encourage every reader of the blog to contact their Congress member to voice their concerns as well. These people are elected to represent us. We are their bosses. Let's start acting like it. 

March 12, 2010



Dear Mr. Lund:


Knowing of your concerns regarding out-of-control government spending, I would like to share some information that may be of interest to you.


On Thursday, March 11, my Republican colleagues and I took an unprecedented step toward curbing excessive spending by the federal government.  By voting for an earmark moratorium, House Republicans sent a clear message that the days of runaway government spending, taxing, and borrowing are numbered.


In these challenging and uncertain times, no amount of economic stimulus or reform will solve our economy's ills without action to address out-of-control government spending.   Over the years, the congressional earmarking process has evolved into a corrupt and broken system with no regard for merit.  While both political parties share the blame for this wasteful practice that has eroded public confidence in our ability to marshal our nation's financial resources, House Republicans are leading the way by imposing an immediate ban on all earmarks.  Washington needs to end the corrupt process of pork-barrel spending, and this is a good first step toward wiping the slate clean and reforming the process.


As you may know, in 2007, I made the decision not to submit any earmark requests until Congress implements reforms to ensure transparency and a merit-based system of awarding federal funds.  I am proud to see all my Republican colleagues taking the same course of action.  I am hopeful that by standing together, we can address the real challenges currently facing our nation.


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I appreciate your attention to this issue.  Please feel free to contact me on any issue of importance to you.




Member of Congress

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