Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letter from Rep. John Kline – March 22, 2010

As you know, on March 21, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a massive government overhaul of the U.S. heath care system - over the unanimous objections of me and my Republican colleagues.  ?With these votes, Congress failed its most fundamental responsibility of representing the American people.  

In addition to the widely publicized changes to health care, H.R. 3590 provides for a government takeover of the student loan industry.  This less well-known provision is also detrimental to the U.S. economy - destroying an entire job sector and making the Department of Education one of the largest banks in America.?

Our health care system is in great need of reform, but Americans have been clear in rejecting this dual takeover of our health care and student loan systems saddled with tax hikes, Medicare cuts, and notorious backroom deals.  I have long advocated for Congress to press the reset button and start over with commonsense, bipartisan reforms.  Unfortunately, the majority party insisted on their own partisan plan, and passage of this legislation will be remembered as a day when the balance of power shifted away from the people.  


I am hopeful these takeovers can be stopped, providing us an opportunity to work toward reform that provides greater access to high quality care at the lowest possible cost and preserves job opportunities.  As you may know, there already are a number of efforts underway to repeal the law and protect Americans from its harmful consequences. 


I appreciate your attention to this important issue.  Please feel free to contact me on any issue of importance to you. 




Member of Congress