Monday, March 29, 2010

Hamburg City Council Minutes – January 26, 2010

Mayor Malz called the regular meeting of the Hamburg City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Councilmember Steve Trebesch, Councilmember John Barnes, Councilmember Larry Mueller, Councilmember Brian Cummiskey, City Clerk Jeremy Gruenhagen, Deputy Clerk Sue Block, and Fire Chief Brad Droege were in attendance. No public in attendance. Maintenance Worker Dennis Byerly was absent.


Agenda Review (Added Items) and Adoption

  • Added – Updated Claim Lists for December 2009 and January 2010
  • Added – Updated Delinquency List
  • Added – Memo from Doug Parrott (I & I Project)

Councilmember Mueller moved to adopt the agenda with the three additions, seconded by Councilmember Barnes and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.


Old City Business

  • Number 1 – Cities Website – Information is continually being entered on the web site. If council     wants any different or additional information on the site let City Clerk Gruenhagen     know.     
  • Number 3 – City Business Cards – City Clerk Gruenhagen will be able to print them for council     when requested.
  • Number 6 – City Sign Usage – The City Sign will only be used for city functions, non-profit     organizations, and local events. No private or individual advertisement will be put on     the sign.
  • Number 9 – Projector Screen and Projector – City Clerk Gruenhagen has spoken with Tom     Simmons (NYA City Administrator) about using the Cablecom Franchise Fund to     purchase a projector screen and projector for the Hamburg Community Center. Mr.     Simmons comment was that the NYA Council will probably not have any objections.     City Clerk Gruenhagen will work Mr. Simmons on getting some estimates and bids.     City Clerk Gruenhagen will also speak with Elroy Latzig to get his opinion.
  • Number 10 – The Research Fee was published in the newspaper on Thursday (January 21, 2010).     The City Fee Schedule for 2010 is now official.
  • Number 11 – Draw up specs for the 2010 lawn mowing and send out for bids – Council to start     drafting specs in February and send them out in March.
  • Number 13 – Ask H.I.P. officers to come to a Council meeting and recap their plans and finances.     Councilmember Cummiskey commented that he has spoken with Maggie Cummiskey     (Treasurer) of H.I.P. and she estimated that the group has approximately $5000 in a CD     and about $6,000 in checking. The group is considering installing play equipment in     the park by the Hall. Tammy Trebesch (member of the H.I.P. group) is heading     the annual Easter Egg Hunt on March 28, 2010.
    • Mayor Malz asked Councilmember Cummiskey to inform the H.I.P. group that they have been requested to attend a February Council meeting.
    • Councilmember Trebesch suggested that someone from the H.I.P. group should attend a council meeting at least once a month to report on their finances and projects.
    • Council discussed the group's lack of visibility within the community and shortage of acting members. Council suggested that the H.I.P. group should hold a public get-together to inform city residents on what the H.I.P. group does for the community. Holding a public meeting, handing out flyers, or calling residents to inform them of the group is a good way to recruit new members.
      • City Clerk Gruenhagen added that the H.I.P. group is separate from the city and are a non-profit group.

Fire Department Report – Chief Brad Droege


FEMA Grant

  • The FEMA grant questionnaire has not been sent out yet. Fire Chief Droege is hopeful that he will receive the paperwork by this Friday.

Fire Department Firefighters Jenny Baker & Justin Spande

  • Jenny Baker & Justin Spande both passed their FF1 & FF2 tests. The last requirement is passing a burn which will be done on February 6, 2010.

Warning Siren/Radios/Pagers Programming Upgrade for 2012

  • Warning Siren - By the 3rd quarter of 2012 the siren will have to be reprogrammed to a narrow band.
  • Pagers – By 2011 or 2012 the Fire Department pagers will have to be Minitor 5's. Hamburg along with the county will apply for a FEMA grant to help cover the cost.

N95 Masks

  • The Hamburg Fire Department received 1,600 N95 masks. These masks are to be used for any type of infectious mass outbreak that could accrue. The masks were purchased by a grant from the County.

Wellness Fit Testing for Hamburg Firefighters

  • Fire Chief Droege reminded Council that this year the city staff is included in receiving the Wellness Fit test along with firefighters who did not receive the test last year. The test will be held on Monday, February 1, 2010 between the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


  • Fire Chief Droege informed Council that he will be on vacation during the next Council meeting on February 9th.


  • Chief Droege commented that members of a small Carnival contacted him about performing at a city function. He asked if Council would be interested.
    • Council members did not respond.

Fire Department Relief Association

  • Fire Chief Droege informed Council that at last nights Relief Association meeting they voted to lower the retirement years of service from 20 years to 10 years.
    • This increases the number of persons eligible to retire from nine (9) to twenty-three (23).
  • Fire Chief Droege asked Council if they have any ideas on how to recruit new day time members.
    • Council discussed several ideas but came to no definite conclusion.
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen will put this out on List Serve and ask what other cities do to cover day time hours and how they recruit for new members.

Carver County Mutual Aid

  • Fire Chief Droege and Council discussed the importance of Mutual Aid between the area Fire Departments and Police.
    • The basic conclusion was that no advancement has been made on Mutual Aid within Carver County.


Dennis' Report (Public Works & Utilities)

Maintenance Worker Byerly was absent.


City Clerk Gruenhagen informed Council that he will give a brief update on the Public Works & Utilities however Maintenance Worker Byerly is the person that should be giving Council an update as to where he is at on the Project List.

Project List

  • #3 – Contact Henning's in spring the redo the Shop Driveway.
    • Keep on list so it is not forgotten about.
  • #6 – Maintenance Schedule
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen did receive Maintenance Worker Byerly maintenance schedule for the Water Treatment Plant but does not know if any of it is done.
  • #7 – Paint Picnic Tables
    • Has not been completed.
    • Councilmember Trebesch commented that the tubing on the picnic tables are being spray painted by using a spray can. This is a waste of money because of the high purchase price of a can of spray paint.
    • Council commented that the picnic tables have been in the shop to be painted since the middle of November 2009 and still not done.
  • #9 – Paint Shop Door and have it installed.
    • The door has been primed but will have to be redone. There are ripples in the paint and members of Council commented that it looks terrible.
    • The door has been in the shop since November 2009 and not done. The scheduled completion date was December 31, 2009.

Mayor Malz will speak to Maintenance Worker Byerly tomorrow (January 27, 2010) about getting these projects done.

  • City Clerk Gruenhagen suggested to Council that they set deadlines as to when the projects are to be completed. Let Maintenance Worker Byerly know that if the project is not completed on time disciplinary action may be taken.
  • #19 – Wax Hall floor was added to the Project List with a completion date of March 31, 2010.
  • #20 – Wax Community Center floor was added to the Project List with a completion date of March     31, 2010.

MRWA Annual Water & Wastewater Technical Conference – March 2, 3, and 4, 2010

  • Maintenance Worker Byerly will be attending this conference however he has not filled out the registration form. Early registration is $40 cheaper and the form along with payment has to be returned by February 19, 2009.
  • City Clerk Gruenhagen will also be attending and after tonight's meeting his registration with payment will be sent in.

Project List - continued

  • #11 – Secure Hall Ceiling Tile.
    • Councilmember Trebesch let Council know that 361 tiles are needed to fix the ones that are loose on the Hall ceiling.
    • Council discussed the price of different types of tile and other options as to what could be done about the Hall ceiling.
      • No definite conclusion was made.

Fuse Box in Hall Basement

  • City Clerk Gruenhagen suggested to Council that the fuse box in the Hall basement be redone. The box is using fusses not breakers.






Deputy Clerk Report


Delinquent Utility Bills

  • Diana Payne was sent a final bill at her new address in Chaska.
  • Emily Siebold is continuing to make $50 payments every other week.
  • Deputy Clerk Block will send out delinquent notices during the first week of February.
  • Council discussed and decided to have the water shut off at the curb stop for any home in Hamburg that is empty.

City Council Minutes

  • The January 12, 2010 minutes are done they just need to be reviewed.


Clerk/Treasurer Report


Mosquito Control (Clarke) Pricing for 2010

  • The price for the 2010 mosquito spraying season will be the same as in 2009.
  • The cities three year contract with Clarke will expire this year (2010).
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen suggested that this summer Council should look at renewing with Clarke or look at other alternatives. Plunkett's Pest Control has indicated their interest in putting in a bid.

Carver County Community Development Authority – Quarterly Foreclosure Report

  • Carver County Community Development Authority sent an informational letter to the City of Hamburg informing them that three (3) residents have contacted the CDA for assistance with Foreclosure Mitigation.
  • Four (4) residents have contacted the CDA with Pre-Foreclosure letters. These properties are close to a Sheriff Sale.
  • There were no Sheriff Sales between the periods of October 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009.

Franchise Agreement with Mediacom (Update)

  • City Clerk Gruenhagen had previously meet with a representative from Mediacom to discuss extending the Franchise agreement for only two (2) years. This would provide the city an opportunity to use the proposed Fiber Optic line instead of Mediacom. Another meeting with Mediacom will be set up in a month or two to go over the two year option.

Senator Julianne Ortman (Emails)

  • City Clerk Gruenhagen reported to Council that he had emailed Senator Ortman about attending a City Council meeting but has not received any communication back. City Clerk Gruenhagen will follow up with another email to her.


I & I Abatement Program Update – Obtaining Easements

  • City Clerk Gruenhagen has spoken with Doug Parrott (SEH) and City Attorney Mac about what is the best way of obtaining easements from the city residents affected by the I & I project. It was suggested to set up some Public Meetings with just the persons involved and have Mr. Parrott give a brief overview of the project. City Attorney Mac along with Mr. Parrott would be available to answer any questions the residents may have.
    • Council discussed and decided to hold two Special Meetings, one on February 16, 2010 and the other one on February 18, 2010. Both starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Hamburg Community Center.
      • A letter notifying just the residents involved will be sent out listing the date, time, and place of the meetings.
      • City Clerk Gruenhagen will also post three (3) Special Meeting notices just incase other city residents would like to attend.
  • Councilmember Cummiskey moved to hold two Special Public Hearing Meetings for the I & I easements at the Hamburg Community Center on February 16, 2010 and February 18, 2010 both starting at 7:00 p.m., Councilmember Trebesch seconded and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.


2010 Project Priority Listing (Storm Water)

  • Doug Parrott (SEH) recently talked with Ron Seymour (SEH Financing) who had spoken with Bill Dunn from MPCA regarding PFA funding for the Storm Water project. Mr. Dune commented that the approval for eligibility for the storm water portion of the project must come from Gene Erickson at the MPCA. Mr. Dunn has continued to state that the storm water improvements are as important as the sanitary sewer improvements on this project. Both are needed for a total solution to Hamburg's I/I abatement work.
  • Mr. Dunn suggested that in order to have a chance for PFA funding to be approved on the storm water portion, a meeting will likely be needed with Gene Erickson to go over the details of a total solution for the project.
  • In Doug Parrott (SEH) letter he asked Council if they would want him to attend the meeting.
    • Council discussed and decided to have Mr. Parrott attend the meeting.

Wetland Delineation (Storm Water Pond)

  • The request to construct a storm water pond east of the City Park has been approved. Documentation of the approval was received at the City Office.

Sewer Connections to Homes – Illegal

  • Council discussed how to handle illegal and noncompliant sewer line connections from resident's homes to the new sewer line.
  • Councilmember Cummiskey moved to amend the Public Hearing Meetings motion to include discussion at the meetings of easements to discuss an ordinance on illegal connections, Councilmember Trebesch seconded and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

Next Steps

  • The next steps in the I & I project would be;
    • Obtaining easements
    • Decide on what to do about illegal sewer connections
    • Talk with the State Bank of Hamburg about low interest loans for residents affected by this project.

Xcel Energy – Notice of Changes in Rates

  • Northern States Power Company (Xcel Energy) sent notification that they have filed for a general increase in rates for natural gas services. They are requesting a maximum of $19.67 million or approximately 3.4 percent overall for the customers in the State of Minnesota.
  • The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has authorized a total interim rate of $11.076 million to be effective January 11, 2010 with a decision by December 2010. The average Xcel Energy gas customers' bills will be approximately 1.91 percent higher.
  • For the average residential customer the interim increase will be $1.53 per month or $18.36 per year.
  • Once a decision is made any over-collection under interim rates will be refunded with interest to customers in a manner determined by the Commission. If final rates are higher than interim rates, Xcel Energy will not charge customers the difference.



LMCIT Public Employee Bond Coverage

  • City Clerk Gruenhagen informed Council that he is bonded for $5,000 however LMCIT suggests a bond amount of $125,000 to $150,000. This is based on the Exposure Index which equals 10% of Hamburg's gross annual revenues plus the market value of any negotiable securities.
  • City Clerk Gruenhagen will check into the cost of bonding and report back to Council at the next meeting.
  • City Clerk Gruenhagen also suggested bond coverage for Deputy Clerk Block. At this time she does not have bond coverage.

Emmanuel Lutheran Ladies Aid

  • The Emmanuel LWML has requested Councils approval to use the small freezer from the Park at the Hamburg Fish Fry (February 6, 2010). The Emmanuel LWML will be selling pie and ice cream during the event and need a freezer to keep the ice cream frozen.
    • Council discussed what they used before and decided to allow the LWML the use of the freezer if they pick it up and return it.
  • Councilmember Barnes moved to allow Emmanuel LWML the use of the chest freezer in the Park during the Hamburg Fish Fry as long as they pick it up and return it, Councilmember Mueller seconded and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

Hamburg's Official Web Site

  • The Hamburg Web Site is up and running. City information is continually being added and if Council wants to add anything just let City Clerk Gruenhagen know.


City Council Reports


Councilmember Mueller (Sewer & Water)

  • The Snyder Drug Store in Norwood is closing and the city of Norwood/Young America is trying to bring another drug store into the city. Councilmember Mueller suggested that the Hamburg Council should send a letter of support to Norwood/Young America Council in trying to obtain another drug store.

Councilmember Cummiskey (Streets)

  • At a previous council meeting Councilmember Cummiskey suggested that the city should think about regulating resident Christmas Light displays.
    • City Clerk Gruenhagen did check with Ann Perry (City Planning Consultant) and she has never come across an issue like this.
    • Council decided not to take any action at this time but wait until a situation like this does come up. Council will deal with it at that time.

Councilmember Trebesch (Buildings)

  • Councilmember Trebesch asked Councilmember Cummiskey how the planning of the Hall handicap bathroom was coming along.
    • Councilmember Cummiskey responded that he has not had time to work on the project.
    • Council discussed and decided that a cost of the project should be obtained and to continue with plan drawings.
  • Councilmember Trebesch asked Mayor Malz if he was going to check on the cost of ceiling tile to replace the damaged ceiling tiles in the Hall.
    • Mayor Malz responded that he was going to check on the possibility and cost of just using insulation on the ceiling in addition to new tiles.
    • Council discussed checking prices with local contractors.


  • Councilmember Trebesch and Councilmember Mueller informed the other council members that the new shop door that was painted but it looks terrible. They suggested having Maintenance Worker Byerly take the paint off and redo it.

Councilmember Barnes (Parks) – had nothing further to report.

Mayor Malz

  • Mayor Malz asked City Clerk Gruenhagen to send the resident at 430 Railroad Street a letter asking him to tie his dog further back on his property so the dog can not be on or reach the public sidewalk. Council has received a complaint about residents not being able to walk on the sidewalk when the dog is tied up outside the home.
  • Mayor Malz asked City Clerk Gruenhagen to send a letter to the owner of the property between 430 Railroad Street and 440 Railroad Street requesting the snow be removed from the sidewalk. Council discussed who owns the land. City Clerk Gruenhagen will find out who owns the land and will send them a letter with the city ordinance about snow removal on sidewalks.
  • Mayor Malz also asked City Clerk Gruenhagen to send a letter and a copy of the city ordinance to Dan Thaemert asking them to clear the snow off the sidewalk adjacent to their property which is across the street from Parkside Tavern.


Approve Claims List for December 2009 and January 2010


Claims List for December 2009

  • City Clerk Gruenhagen added to the December 2009 Claims List four (4) budgeted transfers.

Councilmember Cummiskey moved to approve the 2009 December Claim Numbers 14137 through 14205 including the City transfers, one PAD payment, and four ACH payments, Councilmember Mueller seconded and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.


Claims List for January 2010

  • City Clerk Gruenhagen informed Council that he added check number 14259, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for $350.00. This would be for the application fee for NPDES/SDS permit MN25585 renewal (discharge permit).
  • Councilmember Cummiskey moved to approve January Claim Numbers 14206 through 14207 also Claim Numbers 14245 through 14259 and the three ACH payments, Councilmember Mueller seconded and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.


Councilmember Cummiskey moved to adjourn the Hamburg City Council meeting at 9:06 p.m., seconded by Councilmember Barnes and motion unanimously carried. All Council members were present.

                                        Submitted by:

                                        Sue Block                        Deputy Clerk