Saturday, April 18, 2009

ADD Children are not the problem, Education system is.

The weekly Friday night recreational fire took place again last night. Prior to igniting the wood we did check with the local fire crew to determine if any fire ban was in place. The only restrictions was to keep it to 2x2. Not a big deal for us since our fire rarely gets larger then that. Just in case, the hose was primed and ready. The wind was very still, evident by the smoking escaping the flames going straight upward.

The usual suspects appeared and discussion of the week events ensued. As the fire dwindled down conversation switched to ADD children and teachers. While the conversation intesified at times, decorum remaind respectful.

All to often "trouble" children get labeled with ADD and teachers push them off onto others to assist. The problem, in most cases, is not the child nor does the child have ADD. The trouble falls on the education system and the teachers that allow it to continue. Most children with ADD are bored with school because it does not offer the challenge they seek.

America already spends more money per capita then any other industrialized nation. Why? It is not that we do not spend enough; rather how we allocate it. Smaller class sizes and more teachers is not the answer either. Recognition is the answer. We all learn at different rates and absorb information differently. Why is it then that our educational system is not geared toward that.

Teacher's Union is the stumbling block. Don't get me wrong, unions have their purpose while at the same time create bureaucracy that stifles change in our educational system. Charter schools are slowly getting on the right track to educating our youth. More effort needs to be made in the acceleration of learning of kids deemed "ADD".

If Albert Einstein started school today he would be quickly labeled a trouble children and been sent down the road of ADD. Imagine the loss to science and the world. Now this does not mean all children with ADD will become Einstein. What it means is that they will not be encourage to become Einstein.