Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Tea Parties" across America

Today across the United States “Tea Parties” will be held to get out the message out against higher taxes and the expansion of Government. I will be partaking in one being held in St. Paul, Minnesota. Many in the drive-by media are touting the “Tea Parties” as a Republican and Right-wing rallies. Simply put, it is not true. Granted lower taxes and smaller Government equates to Conservative and Republican slants much like higher taxes, bigger Government, and expansive spending equates to Liberal and Democrat slants.

My participation in the “Tea Party” rally is to get a firsthand account of the issue at hand. Tax overhaul is required. Regardless of your party affiliation or ideological stance, I encourage everyone to attend and not allow the media put their spin on the rallies. As our Founding Fathers did, participate and create your own spin while holding Government accountable.