Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Economic woe root cause: Socialism

The following words of mine were published in the Star Tribune on 11-28-08.

So the Federal Reserve is going take over debt from the failed dealings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac all in an effort to ensure economic stability. The approach is suppose to help "Main Street" as well because it will allow the credit card companies and banks to free up cash to make loans at low-interest rates and increase one's line of credit. Is this not how America started down the road to economic ruin? What types of controls are being placed on lending institutions to ensure another collapse does not occur in five or 10 years?
Owning a home is not a right that all Americans are guaranteed. The direction the Democratic Party has America going is right behind the changes that took place in the final days of Rome. Congress wisely asked the Big Three for a recovery plan before it will give any bailout, or rather, loan. Why is Congress not doing the same for the financial realm? Could it be because leading Democrats are in bed with those who benefit from the bailout? Yes!
Sen. Barack Obama is going to bring "change" to America; the "change" will be in the form of a penny that used to be a $20 bill.

The same people that are trying to fix our Economy are the same that felt Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were solvent. President Obama’s administration is using Socialism to right the ship instead of identifying the root cause for America’s economical woes. America’s economical woes root cause is the Socialistic view that everyone has the right to own a home. Simply put, it is not a right to own a home.

Government backed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mortgage programs enabled the financial industry to package the “toxic” asset trade by guaranteeing mortgages. Armed with the backing of the Federal Government, mortgage companies proceeded to push the socialistic ideal of homeownership through ARM’s, interest only, and no money down loans.

In 2002 a number of concerned legislators warned the Judiciary Committee about the future insolvency of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The warnings fell on deaf ears as Democrat Barney Frank stated over and over that nothing in the balance sheet or any projections supported the charge of insolvency. Why might this be?

Had Barney Frank heeded the warnings it would have meant a halt, most likely temporary, to the Democrats Socialistic agenda. Thus turning the average citizen into hedge fund managers as many that entered into mortgages they knew was going to break them in three or four years. Instead of holding homeowners accountable for their actions and the Government crafted the notion of predatory lending.

The topic of predatory lending opened the door for Socialism to thrive through a collapsing American economy and the partial nationalization of the financial industry. The House of Representatives even treaded on the U.S. Constitution by passing a bill of attainder to recoup bonuses paid to executives of TARP fund recipients. Now Secretary Geitner is asking for Congress to expand his powers to control of potentially failing companies that are vital to our economy. Barney Frank has proposed a bill that will allow the Government to establish wages for companies that take bailout money. The kicker to Barney Frank’s bill is that it will allow it to be retroactive.

On the surface the additional powers may make sense for those accepting money from the Government but that is only being short sighted. The shell game is Democrats attempt to entrench Socialism while removing Capitalism. Government has failed us by not identifying the root causes and using Socialism to attempt to right the ship. When will America wake up and realize that our freedoms are being stripped away?