Monday, April 20, 2009

President Obama foreign policy: Hypocrite or Savior

Today the United Nations (UN) is to start a conference on racism around the world in Europe. The goal, according to the BBC, of the UN Racism conference is to review progress “in fighting racism since a 2001 forum.” The trouble is several key players are boycotting the conference; including the United States.

The BBC reports that many “Western countries see this as a curtailment of free speech” as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected to speak. For the past month and a half President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have traveled across the globe in a good will tour apologizing for the actions of United States. President Obama has cloaked the apologies as means of “strengthening our hand” by reaching out to our enemies.

To boycott the UN racism conference is a bad move for a country that fought a war over slavery, saw Civil Rights leaders slain (King), and saw a historic election when Sen. Obama became for the first black President. President Obama said, repeatedly, while running for office that he’d sit down with President Ahmadinejad without preconditions. Then why does he not, or at least send a delegation, attend the UN racism conference?

President Obama continues to make mistake after mistake on foreign policy. While meeting with leaders of Americas, many criticized the President for hand shaking with foreign leaders that have spoken out against America, but President Obama missed an opportunity to re-define Democracy and the important role the United States played during the decades that surrounded World War II.

The United States for decades after World War II has been the leader of the free world, granted the past decade our leaders have failed us, and the President Obama apology tour only weakens the position of the United States by giving hope to those that wish the demise of our great country. President Obama’s administration is missing a big opportunity by boycotting the UN Conference on Racism and is a hypocrite for the reason of not attending.