Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rep. Ellison: Be Respectful and Apologize to Minnesotans

No one disputes Rep. Ellison’s right to advocate and draw attention to issues of Darfur. Rep. Ellison’s arrest, after being repeatedly asked to disperse, is a slap in the face of every Minnesotan that is without a job. Rep. Ellison needs to spend more time ensuring that the Legislature is acting in the best interest of Minnesotans. Yes, it is unfortunate that Darfur is unstable and aid workers are being expelled but unemployment is reaching 10% in Minnesota.

Getting himself arrested over an issue that has very little to do with the welfare of Minnesotans is irresponsible. Rep. Ellison needs to apologize to Minnesotans as he was not elected to promote his own cause with Darfur; rather he was elected to promote Minnesota interest.

Rep. Ellison misses the tenor of his actions have and has fallen short on his obligation to the citizens of Fifth Congressional District of Minnesota as well as to Minnesotan’s in general. Just this past weekend Dinkytown saw a block party that got out of hand. If Rep. Ellison is not respecting police authority when asked to disperse, how can we expect others? I doubt we will see one, a sincere one, but Rep. Ellison needs to apologize to Minnesota for not respecting the law, setting a bad example, and forgetting why he was elected to Congress.