Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday: Not for Capt. Phillips or American foreign policy

It’s more than TGIF today, it is Good Friday. Unfortunately it is not a Good Friday for Captain Phillips. As I fired up the laptop this morning, I’d hope to read a headline saying the Captain Phillips will be spending Easter with his family. Well that is simply not the case. The BBC reported that Captain Phillips tried to escape during the night but was quickly re-captured before American forces could react. REALLY!!!!

President Obama and US Defense Secretary Robert Gates are weakening America by allowing these pirates to continue to dictate terms. They are pirates, a band of gang thugs that have taken an American captive. Nothing that has been reported connects them to a larger terrorist network or gives light to extensive military training. Someone please explain to me why snipers have not been placed on the destroyer that shadows the lifeboat.

Had President Obama given the green light for this type of action, the second the Captain hit the water the pirates would have been eliminated. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is reported to have told reporters in Washington, “The safe return of the captain is the top priority.” I do not believe them. The weakening of the American image continues under the Obama administration.