Tuesday, June 30, 2009

40 Seconds

Today, I take a break from the regular political talk to reflect on quickly things can change. Last night while preparing for dinner for cheddar bratwurst, green beans, and coleslaw an event took place that re-shaped the landscape of our household. After setting up the chimney to fire up the coals and putting the hot coals into the grill, I ventured inside to get the cheddar bratwursts. As I went inside, I made sure the outside door shut as our young boxer CeCe does her best to sneak into the house behind you.

Both dogs and Taytum were near the front door as I closed the outside door. The cheddar bratwursts were sitting on the counter, right where I put them after purchasing earlier in the day and I needed to find the tongs. The tongs were not in their normal location but I found them relatively quickly. With cheddar bratwurst and tongs in hand, I proceeded back outside to the dogs, Taytum, and a hot grill.

As I opened the door I noticed that Taytum was in the middle of the yard, Mischka was running around her one of the trees in the front yard, and CeCe was over across the street in the neighbor’s yard. Before I could put down the cheddar bratwursts on the table outside the front door, CeCe started to make her away back. As she approached the street a white service van was coming down the street. CeCe darted out in front of the van. The van driver did not see CeCe. The result was CeCe being hit twice – once by the left front tire and then again by the left rear tire.

I could not have been inside the house for more than 40 seconds. 40 seconds is all it took to change the landscape of our household. While Taytum saw the entire thing and realize quickly what took place, time will only tell how impactful the CeCe’s death has on the psyche of Taytum. Accidents will take place and life is fragile. Cherish the time one has and taken nothing for granted.