Sunday, June 7, 2009

Seat Belt use a personal choice not a government offense.

Another common sense item has been signed into law in the state of Minnesota. This week the seat belt law gets more teeth. Police officers will now be able to pull anyone over for not wearing their seat belt. Why? It is common sense to wear your seat belt when driving your vehicle in the evident you end up in an accident. Just another example of government restricting your freedom and liberties. Granted wearing the seat belt will assist one to surviving a bad crash or mitigating injury in other fender benders.

Cars these days are safer than twenty years ago. Requiring people to wear a seat belt is an affront to one’s person liberty. Everyone should have the right to decide for themselves if they want to wear the seat belt or not. Government only passes the new law so it may increase revenue. The seat belt issue is not much different than people begging for a requirement for motorcyclists to wearing a helmet. Does it make sense to wear a helmet, sure.

It should be a personal choice. Besides if someone does not wear their seat belt and ends up dead, where it may have saved their life, only reduces the burden on our entitlement programs as they will not require the use of them. Sadistic way of thinking about it I admit. The main point is that government should not enact laws to protect stupid people. It makes sense to wear the seat belt but it should remain a personal choice.