Monday, June 22, 2009

Zummerfest Recap

With clouds carrying rain, lightning, and thunderous booms passing to the north of Hamburg, Zummerfest kicked off on Friday night. The Castaways hit the stage and belted out song after song with the last one being sung around midnight. After a couple of softball games, I made it back to Hamburg to participate in activities. When I arrived back the bon fire was ablaze with some new faces around it.

The fire raged on until around 1:30 am. Saturday morning came early as many that were around the bon fire were set to participate in the annual horseshoe tourney. The horseshoe tourney started at 9 am with the registration of teams. 9 teams squared off for the rights to be the 2009 Zummerfest horseshoe champs. Round Robin Ten-shoe format played out with the top four scoring teams squaring off in a final bracket for all the marbles.

Much to our surprise, Rachel and I made the final four. We only one match and had two ties during round robin play but our 72 point total was enough to make the final four. We outscored the 5th place team by 4 points who happened to be the only team we beat. During the finals, we started off with the highest scoring team. The match was close for a while until we fell behind 10-15. The final score was 21-10 in the semi-final match. After that we played for 3rd and 4th place. That match we lost as well but the score was much closer 21-14. For our efforts and 4th place finish we received a free pitcher of beer.

Later in the afternoon we attended the Demo Derby. The number of participants was less than last year and the stands reflected that as well. Perhaps the economy contributed to the lowering numbers. Below are pictures from the Demo Derby.

After watching the powder puff match, we made our way back to the homestead for burgers. As we ate we debated about going to the wrestling show at 8 pm. With no band going on during the wrestling show or after, a few of us ventured up to watch Buck and his crew in the squared circle. My brother and neighbor arrived early to get ringside. Below is a picture of battle royal.

While the town was being entertained by wrestling at the community hall, we fired up another bon fire. About 10:30 pm the wrestling group made their way back to the bon fire with glowing reviews of what was seen. The bon fire raged on with similar faces until 12:30 am.

With no church service at the park, we waited until 11 am to venture down to the park on Sunday. The events on the list for Sunday were the pork chop dinner, tractor pull, and kiddie pedal pull. Finally an event for the children!!!

The kids enjoyed themselves as they bounced back and forth between the tractor pull and the safety house. The safety house informed children what to do in the event of a fire. Thanks goes to the Hamburg Fire Department for staffing and teaching the kids.

After going through the safety house twice, the kids and I ventured over to the location where the kiddie pedal pull was to take place. The event was a nationally sanctioned event and the top three winners at each age bracket were invited to the state in Hutchinson later this year. The age of kids participating range from 4 to 11. Both boys and girls did their best to pedal the small tractors as far as they could. Many kids had full pulls and several age brackets had additional pulls to determine a winner.
Only Miles and Spencer could participate in the pedal pull. Both gave their best. All kids were reward with a ribbon, ticket for ice cream, and a can of Dr. Pepper. After the pedal pull was complete, the raffle took place. The tractor pull raged on until about 5 pm when all of Zummerfest call it a weekend. Even though some events were cancelled due to a lack of participation, the weekend was successful and enjoyable.