Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get your Popcorn: Farve circus coming to town.

Last night Joe Buck had Brett Favre on HBO to discuss his future in the NFL. Brett Favre pulled no punches when he said, “it makes perfect sense as far as coming back because it’s an offense I ran for 16 years. I can teach the offense” when asked about unretiring to become a Minnesota Viking. Coach Brad Childress had invited Brett Favre to the OTA’s but Brett felt it be a better idea to stay away. Brett thought multiple “media frenzies” would detract from the team, plus Brett said, “If the arm is not up to par when the time comes. I can’t play. I went through it last year. I gutted it out, but it affected me and it affected our team. I won’t go through that again.”

Brett admitted that he had arthroscopic surgery 2.5 weeks ago to repair a torn bicep tendon on his throwing arm. The healing time is reported to be four to five weeks. So, it does make sense that Favre not showing up at OTA’s would have done nothing more than expand upon his need for media attention. The interesting question that wasn’t asked or touched upon during the interview was whether Brad Childress put a time line on his decision to join the team as reported by ESPN.

Brad Childress previously had stated that no such deadline was imposed upon Favre as reported by two ESPN reporters. With the air clear that Favre, depending on arm strength, will become a Viking is how will this improve the chance of making it to the Super Bowl? Does the addition of Favre automatically move the Vikings up the ladder on potential Super Bowl contenders?

I don’t think so. The move not to re-sign Matt Birk will be one of the reasons why the Vikings will not be in the Super Bowl. Favre will improve the chance that the Vikings will score in the 4th quarter though. Being a gunslinger he will put the ball in places that a normal quarterback will not. The other reason is that the Vikings will need to win the division to make the playoffs and that will not be an easy task this season.

The Chicago Bears trading for Cutler puts them at the top of the heap. Word from Bear OTA’s is that Cutler and Hester are clicking in midseason form. If that is happening now, watch out when the season starts. There is no one in the NFL that can stay with Hester one-on-one. Granted Foote does not have the same numbers of Peterson, he is solid enough to rip off the tough yards to keep the chains moving.

The benefit that Favre will bring is twofold. Blackout worries will be no more and it will add fodder for those Viking/Packer families. The next question is will Paul Allen have a new color man? Will John Madden park the Madden Cruiser at Winter Park?