Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abortion: Governments only role is to regulate

Over the weekend President Obama gave commencement at Notre Dame amidst controversy. Many thought the Catholic Church ought not to allow the President to speak or give him an honorary degree. The controvesary arises from President Obama’s and Catholic Church doctrine being in opposition on the stance of abortion. While I understand Notre Dame hierarchy’s decision to have the President of the United States to speak at commencement; I hold reservation to giving him an honorary degree.

Arizona State University decided to not bestow President Obama with an honorary degree due to “not having accomplished anything of importance” which President Obama mocked during his commencement speech at Notre Dame. Now, I don’t exactly agree with Arizona State’s decision, I would support the Notre Dame’s board if they had not given an honorary degree. Notre Dame has a significant moral issue with President Obama on the stance of abortion.

Opponents of the honorary degree suggest that Notre Dame is giving credence to President Obama’s stance on abortion. This I agree with. Where I differ with the opponents of President Obama speaking at commencement is having him speak. President Obama’s appearance does not translate into Notre Dame accepting his position on abortion; rather it displays a willingness to have open dialogue on the topic. Last year St. Thomas did not want Bishop Desmond Tutu because of his view only later to reconsider.

Abortion is an issue that stokes strong emotions. I applaud President Obama for acknowledging that two sides of the issue exist and his plea to for all involved looking for “common ground”. Abortion is a personal choice and is something a man cannot have. The Government should not be involved in the decision of whether one has an abortion or not. Where Governments role is to ensure the standard of care is at an acceptable level similar to a heart transplant.

Since a man cannot have the abortion, it really comes down on the shoulders of the woman. The woman will bear the emotion and physical scars of the abortion for her lifetime. Some women are capable of handling multiple abortions while others simple cannot. The issue of whether abortion is legal or not is mute. Parents and communities do have the responsibility of educating the youth on the potential outcome of sexual activity.

Simply put, abortion is not something the Government is to prevent from happening; rather abortion is something the Government is allowed to regulate. The regulation of abortion as to the standards of the procedure and how late into the pregnancy is the extent the Government ought to be involved in the issue. Personally, I do not believe in abortion because of my motto of “If you play the game, you live with the consequences.” Now, I will not ask my Government to stop a woman to having an abortion nor will I shun her for doing so.

Let’s allow Government to regulate it, leave it legal, and increase the education of the youth to all aspects of sexual activity. Keeping the knowledge from the youth only tempts them further. Information on potential outcomes of sexual activity will not increase sexual activity among the youth. It will enlighten people to their actions have consequences and it is time to be responsible for oneself.