Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God: Creation vs. Evolution

Last night the History Channel had a program on called “The Link” that could set the concept of evolution on its ear. Ida is a fossilized full skeletal primate that is 47 Million years old. The discovery makes one wonder how evolution has played its part in our current state of life. For many years we have heard how humans are similar to the primate. As science continues to learn more and unearth more evidence of the origins of the human species.

It is amazing and troubling to think our existence on Earth is something that has evolved rather than created. Charles Darwin in his Theory of Evolution put forth the concept that “natural selection acts to preserve an accumulate minor advantageous genetic mutations.” One of the points discussed during the History Channel’s airing of “The Link” was Ida has nails instead of claws. The full skeletal remain always displays pelvic and ankle bones very similar to those of humans.

The troubling part of this discovery arises as one contemplates the role God plays in our lives. Christianity, in the grand scheme of things, has been around for a short time. Even Jewish faith and traditions have been acknowledged for a little longer than Christianity. For some time I have journeyed down the road of Gnosis to expand my understanding the role of God.

Scientific discoveries, like Ida, create more questions and make me feel like I am alone in the desert. Alone in my personal desert, struggle I do with how God and life after death coexists with our daily lives. When the time comes that our Earthly capsules expire, will our spirit rise from the land to join the creator? The question arises from discoveries of animals, and possibly humans, existed 47 Million years ago while current religion is less than 3000 years old.

Religion brings order to our lives for without it chaos would reign. God brings love, comfort, and fear into our lives. Imagine a world where the only meaning of life was survival. Religion acts as a pacifier and gives hope that our lives are more than time spent on Earth. Christians believe that we were created in the image of God.

Are we really? Or did God start the ball rolling with Ida and we have just evolved to our current state?