Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Liberals should be ashamed

After a smear campaign by the Left, the crown will not switch hands in California. Yesterday Donald Trump vindicated Miss California Carrie Prejean by announcing that Ms. Prejean will retain her crown. The Left did their best attempt to discredit Ms. Prejean because she answered Perez Hilton’s question not to their liking. Ms. Prejean predicated her response by stating that she did not mean to offend anyone while she elaborated on her personnel take on the issue of marriage.

Instead of recognizing, accepting, and understanding her belief that marriage is to be between a man and a woman, the Left moved on to produce swimsuit pictorials in hopes to disgrace Ms. Prejean and pageant officials. Thankfully the shameful propaganda spewed by the Left did not work. I find it a bit ironic that the Left demands open-mindedness on the topic of marriage but if anyone voices their opposition they are ignorant and intolerant. Who is really being intolerant?

President Barak Obama while campaigning for the Presidency agrees with Carrie Prejean on marriage. Why is the Left not trying to smear him? Did they think that Ms. Prejean was an easier target because she is a beauty queen? How appalling!!

Where are the Gay and Lesbian community and National Organization of Women? If I was a part of either organization, I’d be embarrassed by the pathetic attempt to discredit Ms. Prejean just because she has a view different than ours. How are we, as a society, to move forward so everyone is able to enjoy the freedoms and pursue liberty free of government constraint if someone, i.e. Ms. Prejean, cannot voice her opinion?