Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hamburg's I/I Reduction Project

Last night a neighborhood meeting was held at City Hall in Hamburg, MN to discuss sanitary and storm sewer improvements project. The area that project will affect is:

· An area located between Brad St, George St, Park Ave, and Robert Ave.
· An area located south of Park Ave/CSAH 50 and east of the City Park

The meeting took place at 6:30 with city engineer Douglass Parrott walking through the project and the area affected. About 20 people showed up for meeting which is about half of the households that would be affected by the improvements being suggested.

Although the conversation was more informational a handful of residents asked additional questions to clarify specifics of the project. The estimated total cost of the project is $1.25M of which $371,733 is for the improved sanitary sewer system that would run through the backyards of those that live on Kim Ave, David Ave, and Robert Ave.

City Clerk Jeremy Gruenhagen outlined the plan for obtaining financing. The hope is that Hamburg can obtain 20% of from money allocated to states by the Federal Stimulus plan, a $90,000 TMDL grant, and the rest through a low interest loan. The fall back is the establishment of monthly storm sewer fee, assessments, and possible increase in property taxes.
Additional cost will occur by homeowners in the area to gain sewer connection since the plan is only extend the pipe from the new sewer line to the 10 foot easement line and it would be up to the homeowner to make the connection. To combat the sub-pump situation, the project proposal suggests putting in a 12” drain tile system parrallel to the new sanitary system that will allow homeowners to tap into. The tapping into the system will be an optional choice with an additional cost unless the City Council makes it mandatory.

The next step is a public hearing on June 8th. Little blue cards were given out for those not comfortable speaking their concern in public. For those residents of Hamburg that read my blog and add comments, I will take pass those concerns along to the City.