Saturday, May 23, 2009

Democratic Principles eroding under the Obama Adminstration

Democracy is being challenged by the cloak of “Best interest of the United States”. Two alarming episodes playing out are the continual detaining of suspected terrorist and the message sent by Vice President Joe Biden. Granted the unending detaining of suspected terrorist subjects has been policy since 9-11, the thought that “change” was coming gave a glimmer of hope that America’s United States Constitution may regain its importance.

The President while campaigning for office set forth the notion of closing Gitmo detention center and to deal with those detained. The presumption was that all those housed in the facility would face trial and depending on the outcome would be either released or retained per court ruling. During the past week, President Obama and former Vice President Cheney have traded barbs on the issue of closing Gitmo and CIA memo results. Congress stripped out $80M that was to fund the closing of Gitmo due to no clear plan by the White House.

After the dueling speeches by Obama and Cheney, surrogates on all sides have laid out the plans going forward. One of the moves indicates that some detainees will be held “indefinitely” because they pose a threat to the United States even though proof, in the court of law, does not agree. The US Constitution protects the liberties of people accused of crimes from unnecessary punishment and a right to a speedy trial. Set aside the point that Bush has done the same thing as America voted for “change” in the last election cycle.

President Obama has proved, i.e. firing of CEO’s, that the US Constitution is a piece of paper worthy of nothing. It should not shock anyone that part of the plan for Gitmo detainees is to remand them indefinitely. The other affront to Democracy is being done through the message Vice President Biden is sent the Lebanon.

On Friday, Vice President Biden landed in Lebanon to carry the message that future US Aid to Lebanon hinged on the outcome of upcoming “Democratic” elections. Vice President Biden stated after a meeting with President Suleiman, “I do not come here to back any particular party or any particular person. I come here to back certain principles.” The United States has labeled Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

Hezbollah has made inroads in recent elections by becoming an emerging force in the “Democratic” process. Hezbollah response to Vice President Biden’s statements is one of caution and “strong suspicion as to the real reason behind it”. Good or bad, if we are to stay true to our ideals of Democracy then the Obama Administration is not to dangle US Aid in front of the Lebonanese people in an effort to sway their vote.

Continuing the platform of “change” will lead America down the road of ruin and forever alter our liberties and pursuit of happiness within our own borders.