Friday, May 1, 2009

Homosexuals beware

The Star Tribune conducted a poll of Minnesotans about same-sex marriage. According to the poll, published in May 1, 2009 Metro section, a “slight” shift is taking place in regards to same-sex marriage. Many states, most recently Iowa, have rewritten law to allow same-sex marriage. The topic of same-sex marriage is a lightning rod and a polarizing conversation. Although homosexuals are celebrate every state that passes law allowing same-sex marriage; homosexuals need to be leery of “progress”.

President Obama’s Stimulus Bill earmarked money to assist in making all medical records electronic. Another goal of President Obama is universal health care. On the surface these two items appear to be mutually exclusive and harmless. As medical records become electronic it will make it easier create a national medical record system. The guise of creating a national data bank for medical records will be for the ease of sharing client files.

Don’t be fooled. The push for electronic files, national databank, and universal healthcare are all signs of increase intrusion into our personnel lives. One may be asking themselves how this adheres itself to same-sex marriage.

Back in 1993 the journal Science Dean Hamer, PhD, reported the discovery of a “gay gene”. In an article posted on WebMD Health News(Jan. 28, 2005), Brian Mustanski, PhD at University of Illinois, stated, “It builds on previous studies that have consistently found evidence of genetic influence on sexual orientation, but our study is the first to look at exactly where those genes are located.” Dr. Mustaski is referencing a study done to compare chromosome of both parents to help identify DNA that supports the existence of the “gay gene”.

Now if a “gay gene” does exist and the government establishes the national databank of medical files and universal healthcare, how soon will a test be created to discover if the unborn fetus contains the gene? I typically am not a conspiracy theorist but I am a big picture thinker. Looking at all the small pieces that are being put in place, homosexuals need to be aware of the consequences of what they seek.

Now, I am not saying that if you decide to live your life with a member of the same-sex that it is right or wrong. I am merely putting all homosexuals on notice. As I have stated in a previous blog post, the government should not be in the business of marriage. As more states allow same-sex marriage only furthers the government’s ability to track, record, and identify homosexuals.

Combine the same-sex marriage license data, national medical database, universal healthcare, and the identification of a “gay gene” and we have a recipe for genetic manipulation to eradicate the United States of homosexuals. It is time for homosexuals to stand behind the flag of smaller government and demand a shift from marriage licenses to certification of civil unions.