Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pelosi is caught red handed

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a news conference today in an attempt to clear the air on her knowledge of water boarding. Prior to the meeting today, House Speaker Pelosi contended that she was never briefed on the use of harsh tactics, i.e. water boarding. In her press conference today, she contracted her previous statement when she announced that in September 2002 she was briefed on “enhanced interrogation techniques” were going to be used. The CIA is still contending that both House Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Porter Goss were briefed on the “use of EITS”.

The five months after September 2002 briefing, the CIA briefed Chairman Harmon who in turn, according to her press conference, was “informed” about the CIA briefing of Chairman Harmon and the use of EITS. Now President Obama is doing an about face on releasing additional photos of prisoner abuse. Why? As the debate of CIA Memos continues, it will be interesting to see what the “truth” commission is able to ferret out.

Former Vice President Cheney has been asking for further CIA memos to be released to the public and House Speaker Pelosi asked that the briefing she was given in September 2002 be released as well. The use of water boarding is just one EIT used, so is House Speaker Pelosi okay with the rest but draws the line at water boarding?

Will America see a Nixon cover-up or will President Obama finally have the opportunity to break away from the choke collar that House Speaker Pelosi has on the White House?

You can see House Speaker Pelosi attempting to absolve herself from any responsibility of the use of EITS. Judge for yourself.