Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Media Double Standard; Gore vs. Cheney

Since leaving office Vice President Al Gore has been at the forefront of Global Warming debate. Although Vice President Gore tends to duck real debates on the topic, Vice President Dick Cheney is challenging the current administration on the CIA memos. Why is it that the media is demonizing Vice President Cheney while they have a lovefest with Vice President Gore?

The media, for a large part, has driven the liberal agenda while ignoring the facts of the day. A double standard is firmly established by the media when dealing with issues of conservative or liberal. Put aside the argument of defining torture; let’s demand that all the CIA memos be released to end the debate. President Obama has already made the decision that harsh tactics used are defined as torture and is willing to move forward with prosecution of those that wrote the legal opinions.

Investigative journalism, as I stated yesterday, is dead in America. Americans deserve to know the truth and not pieces of the truth. It is time to remove the double standard and report the truth. To end the debate on the CIA memos is easily done by releasing all the memos surrounding the issue. If people are tired of hearing Vice President Cheney then demand President Obama release all CIA memos that are the topic.

At the same time, it is time for a national debate to take place. It is time for Vice President Gore to debate one-on-one with John Christy.