Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday Night Bonfire

Last night the weekly bonfire started without me as I had two games of softball to play at 8 and 9 pm. We went 1-1 for those wondering. When I arrived back from softball the glow of the bonfire was readily seen from the county road as I passed through town. After getting my beverage of choice, I proceeded to join the conversation. A few neighbors had come and went but several remained. Once again the conversation was all over the board. It ended up dying down on the topic of Hamburg and the increases we have all seen since moving here.

When I first arrived in Hamburg, almost six years ago, our water and sewer bill was on a quarterly basis. Not to long after that it become a monthly bill but at the same amount as the quarterly bill. The reason for the hike was water quality mandates put forth by government agencies. To my recollection I have not heard of one illness or death arising in Hamburg due to poor water quality.

Now Hamburg is facing another issue trying to grow the town through new housing and businesses. The trouble is our sewer and water system is already taxed to it limit. In order to meet the government guideline requirements, the city needs to expand the system and repair an aging sewer system. The few neighbors that remained wondered what can be done and why are our city council members not doing their job.

I tried my best to convey the message that Hamburg City Council and Clerk have been trying to the best of their abilities to deal with the situation. To assist we as residents can call and write our representatives to gain assistance. Citizen action is the bane of every elected official. It is time to become active. Write and call Sen. Ortman and Rep. Kohl's on the state level. As well Carver County Commissioner James Ische. It wouldn't hurt to contact Sen. Klobucher and Rep. Kline to voice concerns about government mandates that are not funded.