Friday, May 8, 2009

Parental Rights vs. Government Intervention in New Ulm trial

Today in New Ulm a trial is taking place between the state of Minnesota and a family right to choose medical treatment for their child. The child in question is 13 years old and the disease it Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Traditional medicine recommends six rounds of chemotherapy and radiation that has a 95% success rate. The first round of chemo made the child sick and worried the parents as to the treatment. The family religious belief is Nemenhah which feels such treatment violates their religious beliefs.

The family has turned to a medicine man to administer an alternative treatment of supplements and vitamins. Instead of the state respecting the family’s choice and allowing the treatment to run its course they are stepping in because it’s “in the best interest of the child.” Unfortunately, the main stream healthcare system does not look fondly upon alternative medication.
Why does mainstream healthcare not tap into the rich use of alternative medication? The answer is the drug companies. There is no way for the drug companies to make a profit on alternative medicines and some fear that their expensive medications will be replaced. I am not suggesting a wholesale exchange rather an exchange of ideas.

Two things are taking place during this trial in New Ulm. The first is parental rights while the second is the demonizing of alternative medicine. Parents are constantly told they need to do more for their children. Now the state is saying that if medical professionals offer a recommendation and one does not heed it, the state will step in. WHAT!!! This is a prime example of Americans not keeping Government in check.

I pray and hope the judge interprets the law correctly and allows the parents to seek alternative medication per their religious rights. What I don’t want to see is the judge, regardless of the decisions, to legislate from the bench. The pushing of social agenda’s from the bench by judges is not why they were appointed/elected. The role of the judge is to interpret the case before based on the law of the land.