Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oligarchy to Monarchy; The death of Democracy

The defection of Arlen Specter to the Democrat Party was touted as a victory by Democrats and a blessing by Republicans. Pundits, namely those on MSNBC, are giddy at the upheaval taking place within the Republican Party as moderates are finding there is no room for them. Regardless if you are liberal, conservative, or moderate we are all witnessing something very dangerous taking place in America politics; creation of a one-party system.

An oligarchy already exists on the national political scene. Third party candidates rarely get the exposure, exceptions are Nader and Perot, required to launch a major offensive. The Republican Party is becoming a regional party and may lose their footing on the main stage. While those on the left are cheering, it presents American Democracy in a precarious situation. With no other party established on the national scene, the regionalization of the Republican Party will doom Americans to choosing from one party.

Every national election other candidates are listed on the ballot, without the ability to participate in national debates, they do not get the national exposure the current Oligarchy enjoys. What America requires to save Democracy is more political parties for Americans to choose from. All too often Americans vote for or against the two major parities. President Obama talks a great game and adopted the Clinton game book on his path to the White House.

The mastery of the Clinton playbook by President Obama is a prime example of voters going to the poll to cast their vote based on emotion rather than logic. The Republican Party message of fiscal responsibility was muddled as President Bush abandoned his conservative heritage by opening up the pocket book in the final two years of his Presidency. The departure from fiscal responsibility created the perfect storm for a “liberal” liberal to be voted in. The Republican hierarchy realized this by putting forth their sacrificial lamb; Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin.

The $3.6T budget proposed by President Obama increases the realization of a one-party system as Americans become slaves to the Government. Ironic that many compare President Obama to President Lincoln as Lincoln fought to free the slaves and Obama is fighting to enslave all Americans. I challenge every America to find candidates that best represents their core beliefs and vote for them. The Democrat and Republican Parties are not the only games in town.

Continuing to use the mentality of it’s a “waste of a vote” will destroy Democracy in America. I am suggesting or recruiting for any party rather to find a candidate that fits your core beliefs to rally behind. If one does not exist then perform your patriotic duty and become that candidate. More candidate choice is demanded for the survival of Democracy in the United States.