Friday, May 29, 2009

Fong Lee: Lesson to be learned

Yesterday a Federal Grand Jury cleared Officer Jason Anderson of accusation of excessive force and planting evidence in the shooting death of Fong Lee. Naturally Fong Lee’s family, friends, and many in the Hmong community are disappointed in the outcome. Tou Ger Xiong said, “Watch out. If a cop thinks you pose a threat, you will be shot and you will be killed.”(As reported in Star Tribune 5-29-09). Tou Ger Xiong is a member of the Coalition for Community Relations.

The message is missed in the case of the shooting death of Fong Lee. The message is when a police officer asks, demands, or tells you to stop then STOP!!! Fleeing from an officer of the law is a prime example of the lack of respect that exists in our society. If you have done nothing wrong then why run? A short explanation and question/answer period with the officer is all that is required.

No one may know for certain if Fong Lee ever had a gun or if the officer planted it. As a society we need to learn from this event. We need to be respectful to the Law. Yes, as in all areas of society, some officers are corrupt and are up to no good. In cases where harassment it taking place a forum exists to address it. Running from the Law is never an option. I have no problem with the officer using any and all means to stop a runner.

To stop the senseless killing of the innocent, assuming the Fong Lee is innocent here, when an officer of the law asks one to stop; just stop and you won’t be shot.