Thursday, May 7, 2009

Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton

Over the past few days I have extended the distance I take Mischka for a walk from 1.5 miles to 3 miles. Since Mischka is heeling without being reminded, the walk is a lot quieter. The peaceful walk, except for the occasional barking dog or car passing, has allotted my mind greater freedom to explore events, concepts, and ideas without interruption. During our walk on Wednesday my thoughts traveled back to the Democrat Primary and the ultimate selection of Sen. Obama as their nominee.

My focus was not on the eventual historic bid for the White House rather on rival that did not get tapped; Sen. Hillary Clinton. Many whom I talked with when Democrat nominee Obama tapped Sen. Joe Biden to be the tickets Vice President thought Obama made a poor decision. The misstep of Sen. Biden instead of tapping Sen. Clinton looked to be fatal then the Republican Party gave the Democrats a gift when they added Gov. Palin to the ticket.

The adding of Gov. Palin allowed the conversation of the non-appointment of Sen. Clinton to subside. Why is it that Sen. Obama did not choose Sen. Clinton to form the ultimate “Dream” ticket? Was it perhaps a larger picture was being painted? The bigger picture being painted is the Supreme Court.

On President Obama’s 100th day in office, Justice Souter notified the President of his intention to retire from the bench. The news stirred up the mass media as to what type of person President Obama ought to choose for the highest court in our land. Currently the Supreme Court has one female and one black with the remaining Justices being white males. The pressure on President Obama is to appoint a minority female to the bench.

President Obama has established a list of criteria that he will look for in the next Supreme Court Justice. The number one criteria being empathy while top Democrats are looking for President Obama to appoint a non-judge type. I believe that President Obama will appoint a female but it will not be a minority.

Thinking back to the primary and the fallout after Sen. Biden was tapped to be the Vice President instead of Sen. Clinton, perhaps the media missed the second great story to come from last year historic election season. It appeared that the Clinton’s were on the outside looking in as the Democrats pushed toward the White House but that was all a fa├žade.

The ground was being laid to pave the way, if Democrat nominee Obama was elected, for Sen. Clinton’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Granted the right Justice had to step down as to make the choice of Sen. Clinton the right one. The next Supreme Court Justice will be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The pondering point is if the President will offer up a sacrificial lamb prior to Secretary of State Clinton’s confirmation hearing.