Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!!!

Last night the weekly bonfire took place because Friday's rain delay. We started it early, 6 pm, after getting back from Mothers Day dinner. Slowly the neighbors filed out of their abodes and joined the ring of fire. Most of the usual subjects were there but a few were not. Conversation was brisk and topics changed rapidly.

Around 10 pm the sky above clouded up and threatened the bonfire by unloading a brief shower. Those sitting around braved the rain and I even think someone broke out a bar of soap. Good thing because someone was definitely stinking up the joint.

The herd thinned and the bonfire died down around midnight but the party didn't stop there. It moved indoors where Cinemax was live an well. Between sips of whiskey, a suggestion was made to make breakfast. Being the gracious host, I got out the skillet and proceeding to warm it up. A neighbor prep the eggs while I manned the hash browns.

After a couple more tumblers of whiskey, breakfast was ready for consumption. The night ended with laughter and good eats. Woke this morning to a half full tumbler of whiskey. What a waste!!! Not a big bloody mary guy, I decided the best medicine was to make good use of the half full tumbler. The hair of the dog on Mother's Day was whiskey and ice tea. Hit the spot.