Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favre Flu displaces Swine Flu in Minnesota

A day after Trent Dilfer reported receiving a text message from Brett Favre on whether he will return to the NFL in 2009 the “NO” appears, at least right now, to be a maybe. Coach Brad Childress will be meeting with the ageless veteran Favre at an undisclosed location later in the week according to the pundits on ESPN. The Favre fever has temporarily replaces Swing Flu in Minnesota.

Many pundits feel the Vikings are a quarterback away from a Super Bowl Champion. Now, the brain trust went out and signed Sage Rosenfels to come in and compete with Tarvaris Jackson. If the Vikings wanted an older quarterback why not go after someone like Garcia (who has signed with the Raiders)? Favre broke down as the season wore on while Garcia, and others, remained stout as the season wore on.

Granted the signing of Brett Favre will increase ticket sales and get more national television coverage. What happens after 2009? Will Favre be willing to come in and teach Jackson or will the blinders be on? I know many bleeding purple are foaming at the mouth as the rumors swirl about Favre wearing a purple 4. Buyers beware with Favre. Now if Percy Harvin can hook the hold man up with some good pain killers, then the Vikings decision to move forward with Favre signing may give them the upper hand in the NFC.

I understand that Viking fans want to win the big game after four gut wrenching chances and a missed field goal in the NFC Championship game, but at what cost? Adding Favre could mean adding John Madden. While, being a loyal Raider fan, I acknowledge the wealth of knowledge that Madden has stored away in his cranium, but are Viking fans prepared to hear Madden’s man-crush of Favre. The Madden cruiser will become a mainstay at Winter Park. Watch out Paul Allen!!!!

Favre is no doubt a Hall of Fame quarterback and a proven winner. With all that in play, the Vikings are best to not go down this road. If Childress does decide to bring in Favre, I will, like the rest of America, sit back and watch the circus that will take place. Not to mention the divorce rate increase between Minnesota and Wisconsin football fans.